Therapy For Therapists

Therapists need therapy too.

Oftentimes people become therapists because they have experienced their own struggles with trauma and mental health. These professionals are often referred to as The Wounded Healers.

There is a tremendous amount of strength, knowledge, and compassion in being a wounded healer…if you do your own therapeutic work.

Left unresolved, you might become easily triggered in sessions with clients, you might notice relationships in your life suffering, and you might experience increased stress levels, overwhelm and burnout.

You deserve the time and space to heal!

Therapy for Therapists with Lauren Daniels Trauma Therapy

As an EMDR Basic Training Assistant/Coach I have observed many therapists as they witness others processing their trauma.

If you’d like to work with a therapist who is passionate and has experience in helping therapists like you process and heal their trauma, book your call today.

I look forward to working together.