Deepen and enhance your skills and increase your confidence as an EMDR Therapist.

No matter where you are in your experience as an EMDR clinician, I can help you reach your goals.

Are you a new EMDR clinician and need support deepening your learning and application of EMDR and/or incorporating EMDR into your therapy practice?

Were you EMDR trained a long time ago and need a refresher to help you bring EMDR Therapy to your clients?

Do you have clients with complex trauma and dissociation who need support in conceptualizing and applying EMDR therapy to your work with your clients?

Are you interested in how you might incorporate other therapy approaches with EMDR (i.e. Somatic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Ego-State Therapy, Play Therapy)?



As an EMDRIA Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant who has successfully used EMDR therapy in my practice with children, teens, and adults, I’ve worked with new EMDR Clinicians and seasoned EMDR clinicians. I also assist in teaching EMDR Basic Training courses with EMDR Consulting.

I’m passionate about helping you deepen your EMDR skills so that you can help your clients experience the profound effects of EMDR Therapy and understand how to incorporate EMDR therapy with other therapy modalities. I specialize in working with complex and developmental trauma, dissociation/dissociative disorders, and EMDR Therapy with kids.

I like to say, “Don’t forget who you already were as a therapist before becoming EMDR Therapy trained.” I can help you understand how to incorporate EMDR Therapy into your practice.

Consultee Testimonial

“Lauren became my supervisor after we met in my EMDR basic training in June of 2021. I continued working with her for the required 10 hours of post-training supervision. I learned so much from her and felt so comfortable that I decided to continue working with her to earn my additional 20 hours of supervision for certification.

Over the past nearly two years, Lauren has been a consistent, skilled and steady presence in my training and EMDR practice; learning how to implement EMDR in different scenarios and situations with various individuals can be stressful and uncertain.

I find that Lauren is always open to ideas yet always redirects me as needed so that my clients have the best chance of meeting their goals. At times, doing EMDR can be intense; people might have big reactions or recall details that they haven’t remembered in a long time.

When this happens, Lauren is always there to help me analyze the session, offer strategies and techniques and more importantly create a supportive space in which I can freely think and brainstorm the best options possible.

Over the past 1.5 years, I have become more skilled and very confident in my ability to use EMDR in practice – Lauren has been an integral part of this!”

What To Expect:

  • Application of standard protocol
  • Understanding of AIP Model
  • Case conceptualization (through the lens of the AIP model)
  • Understanding 3 prong approach
  • Successful use of interweaves

Beyond the Basics of EMDR Therapy Consultation for Certification:

  • Understanding the neurobiology of trauma
  • Integrating structural dissociation theory
  • Integrating parts work/ego state
  • Therapy/gestalt therapy
  • Integrating somatic therapy
  • DeTur Protocol
  • Pain Protocol
  • The Progressive Approach
  • Screening for dissociation
  • EMDR with children (incorporating play therapy and sand tray with EMDR)
  • Incorporating caregivers into therapy process with children
  • Incorporating somatic therapies with EMDR

Consultee Testimonial

“There is just something special about Lauren – I felt it right away when she was one of the consultants during my basic EMDR training. She has a very calm, very present presence that allowed me to feel comfortable being authentic and transparent while I was learning and growing.

She encouraged, taught, and guided me so much during my required basic training supervision hours, that I sought her out to guide me in my journey to become a certified EMDR

Her knowledge is robust, as is her constant pursuit to learn and understand more and more about what healing and wholeness. Her love of learning and her fearlessness in its pursuit makes me want to know more and more as well.

Lauren is not only a wonderful trainer, teacher, and therapist, but even more so an all-around amazing human.”